Welcome to St. Michael – Albertville – FYCC reservation site for parks, recreation and room rentals.

Use Logo buttons to the right to direct you to the correct site to check events, parks or room availability.

Who handles what?

  • FYCC: Schedules baseball, soccer, lacrosse and softball field reservations along with scheduling family activities.
  • St. Michael: Room rentals located at the St. Michael City Center and Frankfort Fire Station.
  • Albertville: Room rentals located at the Albertville City Hall must call the office to check or make a reservation.

Helpful Information

  • Need account assistance? Call 763-496-6820
  • Albertville room reservations must call 763-497-3384.
  • St. Michael room reservations, please click on logo to the right.
  • All cancellation and changes must be made by contacting the appropriate entity.
  • A request is NOT confirmation that space is booked.